What to Expect - Newborn Shoot

Newborn photo shoots are a probably my favorite kind of photo shoot!  Babies grow and change so fast in those first weeks and capturing this special time is something that I love!

I have many props at the studio, but you are welcome and encouraged to bring things that you would like to use like hats, headbands, blankets, etc.  If you would like to be in images with your baby, make sure to wear colors that
compliment your setting. I suggest beautiful light colors for a soft and gentle look.
I don’t always have an assistant available so I may need help. It would be great if Dad comes, I don’t want Mom to be working too hard.
Be prepared for messes. Poop happens and it's ok!  We'll have burp cloths, wipes and clean up stuff out and ready!
Don’t be surprised if it takes them a good while to get into “model mode.”  They aren’t used to being posed and handled this much.  Eventually we'll get in the groove!

These shoots take a little more time, so be prepared to be at the studio for up to a couple hours.  We'll take breaks for feedings and wardrobe changes.