What to Wear

Tips on what to wear:
I recommend coordinating with each other, but not necessarily being super matchy-matchy.
Choose a color scheme and go from there.
Mix solids and patterns.
Think ‘timeless’ – don’t go with something that’s a fad. Think about how silly all
those pictures from the 80’s with tight-rolled jeans look now!
Consider what you plan on doing with the prints. Will they be hanging in the pastel
painted living room? Choose colors that you think will not clash with the walls.
Layering – This might not work well in the summer, but in the other seasons, it’s a
good idea and makes for an easy way to switch it up for different poses.
Wear clothes that will be easy for you to pose in. Short dresses and high heels might
not be the best for a pose on a blanket in the grass. Be comfortable, not too stuffy!